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My work is multiple layers of ephemera, family photographs, found objects and iconography that are sealed with resin to contain the imaginal space of the story told by these things.  Each piece begins with an image that compels me, a doll’s shoe, a saint card, a photograph of my mother as a child, a character from a favorite children’s book or myth, anything that evokes a visceral response.  I am particularly attracted to dichotomous imagery that evokes an ambiguous visceral response, for example, the juxtaposition of security and fear peculiar to dolls.  These objects carry a symbolic weight rooted in the cultural collective and the mystery of its’ individual history: the relationship of the models for a statue, the author of a letter, or the little girl who once possessed a doll.  My art is about the symbolic potency of imagery, the stories of found objects, and the narratives created when these stories are woven together.